Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daffodils - Like Glowing Suns

Just after I went to the tidepools, we decided to go see the daffodil fields, enjoy their fires of yellow, sitting in oceans of green. 

When I got there I was greatly surprised, for they were not just fires of yellow,

 they were suns of yellow, and so big! 

 We went to see the tulip fields, but only one tulip was blooming.

Still, the buds were interesting.  On the way back I thought "Why aren't the tulips blooming when the tulip festival is half over?  I think it's about time." 

And I thought to myself that the first thing everyone was praying for was the sun, to make the tulips bloom, but their prayers were not answered (at least while I was there.) 

But maybe they needed to go back to look at the promise of the sun in the daffodil's glowing golden petals.

Can you see God's glowing promises in your life today?



  1. I think I would have liked to see such a beautiful field of flowers in person, but it's nice I can see it in pictures. :)

  2. I love the photos William! :) Very nice.

  3. We have daffodils blooming way over here, too--but no tulips yet. Sometimes things just happen late. And do you know something? I'm feeling like my classes are half-way through tulip season, and I've only managed to make a few small tulip blooms. I was really struggling to see anything positive in my days, but when I read your post about looking for the daffodils this morning, God spoke to my heart. I need to thank Him for the things that are done, and not be so discouraged about the things that seem like they will never happen. I also need to trust that He will give the nourishment and strength I need to accomplish everything in His timing, in His way.

    I love your blog, Sir! Thank you for making it an encouraging and beautiful place to visit. :)

  4. That daffodil field is stunning! I would love to live close to something like that! I love spring flowers and am in the process of planting thousands of bulbs on my 13 acres (we moved here 2 years ago and my goal is 1000 bulbs each fall...)

  5. I have never seen a field of daffodils...how beautiful! Of course, the one lone tulip is lovely, too. I guess it was trying to stand up and show the others how to bloom, huh?
    Heidi, thank you for your comment. Coupled with William's thoughts in the posting, I am doubly encouraged today to keep watch for the blessings already surrounding me.
    A lovely blog :)

  6. You have some really beautiful pictures on your blog and some very inspiration thoughts to go with it. I am inspired. Thanks for sharing.


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