Monday, March 11, 2013

Net Fishing and the Sunset

This Chomorro man was net fishing on the beach when I went down to photograph the sunset.  Both mother and I thought that it would make a worthwhile photo. This is my best capture from the bunch.

Our Beach

The beach in front of our house.


The ocean's tide was flowing like a river here!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our Famous Puppy

Yesterday morning I was pleasantly surprised to discover that on National Geographic Kids MyShot Home Page slide banner, my photo appeared the second dot to the right.  I soon found out that I had been chosen as one of the February National Geographic Kids Best Photos of the Month.  Now my photo will be considered to be in the "Best Photos of the Year" slideshow.  Your ratings would be appreciated.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Starfish Sunset

A few days ago I went down to the beach with Araya's camera and my GorillaPod, to take some sunset photos.  Araya kindly let me borrow her camera, because mine is broken. =( Her camera has superb live-view, which is very useful when your tripod is standing in three inches of water.  The intent was for me to stay dry (by not having to lay in the water to see through the viewfinder) but I was laying on the shore, looking through the live-view, and a big wave came up, and I was soaked.  Araya was not exactly super pleased that her camera strap was wet, but I kept the camera dry (and she could have rinsed it off it I didn't- her camera's very water resistant).

The intense color of the sunset reminded me that God has great taste! He must have had so much fun creating the sunset! If He can make such a vast stretch of the sky so beautiful, he can surely take our little needs.

Pentax K30
18-55 mm Pentax-Synaptic lens
shutter speed 11 secondso
ISO 100

Thanks Araya for letting me use your camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!