Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Let me tell you a story...  I was down at our creek one day, talking to our nice old neighbor man.  I noticed some bindweed.  There was just one little problem: it was wrapped right around itself.  It was not pointing up and reaching higher.  Instead, the poor little vine was helplessly flopped down on the ground.  One sick looking flower lay wilting in the sun, likely to be trampled.
A few days later I visited the pea beds in our garden.  I noticed, they weren't flopped down on the ground.  These pea vines had wrapped their tendrils around the solid wire.  They are bearing many delicious peas to this day--we even had some for lunch!

What about us?  Are we wrapping our tendrils around ourselves, our friends, our possessions?  Or are we clinging to the good solid wire of God's word?  

Hmmm.... Where are my tendrils?
My apologies for all the new changes.  I think I'm satisfied...