Sunday, January 22, 2012


We were on a walk at a nearby National Historic Site, when I snapped this shot.  It made me think.  Do I have a boundary in my life.  Is there a fence blocking me from a closer walk with God, and unselfish ministry to others?  Am I living a full, unfenced life in Jesus, or have I corralled myself into a corner?  Does God have a bigger plan for me? 

I have decided, by the grace of God, to have a much closer walk with Him, to break down that fence of selfishness, give my time, my energy, my all to God.

Is there a boundary keeping you from God?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

An Import's Best

Just in case you were wondering, I took this photo the day before yesterday.

I took this one the day before yesterday, too.  This last week the weather has been in the 60's and 70's.  Our trees are budding too.  Please pray for continuing warm weather and lots of rain, so we have a good crop this year.  It's not starting out well (temperatures should be in the teens right now.)
This Great-Horned Owl was on the Telephone Wire above our house tonight.  When it flew away, I saw that it's wingspan was probably about 4 feet. It was a giant!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have decided to list my favorite blogs of 2011 for your enjoyment.  If your blog isn't on this list, please don't feel bad.  I like all of your blogs.  This are just a small collection of the blogs I highly enjoyed this year.

 Photography blogs

1.  Simple GiftsI picked this blog for its frequent posting and fantastic photography.

2.  Richard SteffensI chose this blog because of it's high quality videos.

Life - We're Living It

1.  His Song in My HeartI like this blog because of it's frequent posts, inspiring words and wonderful photography.

2. Life Worth Living. I highly enjoyed reading the interesting stories and looking at the photos to go along with them.

Words like deep water

 1.  Lofty StudiosThis blog inspires me to grown in my relationship with God, because of it's deep and meaningful thoughts.

2.  Spiritual GracesI enjoy this blog for its inspiring thoughts on scripture.  (Since it's my sister's blog, I am slightly biased.)